Thursday, September 29th – PTA General Membership Meeting at 6:30 pm


    September PTA General Membership Meeting.

    Our first PTA General Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 29th at 6:30 pm at the elementary school campus at 28-37 29th Street, Astoria. Although this is a parent-focused event, children are welcome. If you bring your children, you may want to bring a quiet activity to keep them occupied during the meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Date / Time

    Thursday, September 29th starting at 6:30 pm


    Elementary School Campus Gymnasium
    28-37 29th Street, Astoria, NY 11102

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    School Wide Summer Read-a-Thon

    2016 Summer Readathon

    We are thrilled and excited to launch the first school wide Summer Read-a-thon! Q300 is a community of learners and readers, and we continue our passion for books and knowledge into the summer months (while simultaneously raising money for our music program)!

    In the next few days, you will be getting a read-a-thon packet, which includes Grade specific instructions and summer reading lists/log sheets, as well as pledge sheets for students! We have attached these here, but printed copies are also going home! Our goal is for each Q300 student to raise $50.00 (through sponsors far and wide) or to ask 10 people for donations!

    We will have both paper pledge sheets as well as an online platform (that allows for collecting donations online), and we urge you to take 3 minutes to set up the latter immediately. The directions are in the packet, but the link to the site is here: https://www.crowdrise.com/Q300SchoolwideRead-a-thon

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    Sunday, August 28 - Summer Picnic and Uniform Swap

    Q300 Summer Picnic

    We invite you and your family for a fun, informal gathering with Principal Bill Biniaris and Q300 teachers on Sunday, August 28, 2015 from 2 to 5 pm at Rainey Park in Astoria.   We will meet near the playground at the southern end of Rainey Park, Vernon Boulevard at 34th Ave (south of Costco and Socrates Sculpture Park) in Astoria: http://www.nycgovpark s.org/parks/Q048.

    Representatives from elementary school after-school programs Serious Fun and NYC Chess Kids and middle school after-school program Global Kids have been invited.   We will also have gently used Q300 uniforms for pay as you wish.

    Please bring your own snacks/drinks, and feel free to bring some extra to share. Also, bring blankets, outdoor chairs, and games if you wish. If you have a portable food table, please bring that as well.

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    Thursday, June 23rd – PTA General Meeting at 6:00pm


    June PTA General Meeting.

    The PTA General Meeting will occur on June 23 at 6 pm at the elementary school campus at 28-37 29th Street, Astoria. The agenda will include the following:

    1. Proposed Amendment to the PTA Bylaws;
    2. PTA Board and SLT Elections (see below);
    3. 2016-2017 PTA Budget

    Date / Time

    Thursday, June 23rd starting at 6:00pm


    Elementary School Campus Gymnasium
    28-37 29th Street, Astoria, NY 11102

    Calling for PTA Board and SLT Candidates.

    PTA Board: All board positions are open.
    The only qualification for all positions is that the candidate be a current parent of a child in the school. We are especially in need of a Treasurer(s)!

    1. President (up to 2 positions)
    2. Executive Vice President (VP) (1 position only)
    3. Secretary (up to 2 positions)
    4. Treasurer (up to 2 positions)
    5. VP-Membership (up to 2 positions)
    6. VP-Fundraising (up to 2 positions)
    7. VP-Communications (up to 2 positions)
    8. VP-Community Affairs (up to 2 positions)
    9. VP, Lower Division (1 position elected in the June meeting)
    10. VP, Upper Division (1 position elected in the June meeting)

    SLT Parent Members. Three SLT Parent Positions are open.
    The only qualification for the positions is that the candidate be a current parent of a child in the school.

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    June 24th is the deadline for Online Ordering of School Supplies

    Q300-SchoolSuppliesQ300 Parent-Teacher Association has teamed up with Mülee to offer you a discounted package that contains all the school supplies requested by your teacher for the first day of school for Fall 2016.

    As you know, each year, Q300 makes a request to all families that they provide school supplies from a grade-specific list. In Q300’s first year, families found it time-consuming and insufficient to individually search for items on that list and deliver those items to school. Since then, we have worked with Mülee to develop a one-stop website where parents can purchase all the items on the list with a few clicks of a computer mouse and have them delivered directly to the school.

    The Q300 PTA is coordinating an online order for school supplies that will be delivered to the school before the start of the new school year.

    To participate in the program

    1. Point your browser to TheMulee.com and enter the school code: 8502.
    2. Select the grade kit that corresponds to the grade your child will be entering in 2016
    3. Enter your child's first and last name; once that's done add the item to your cart and check out.

    The deadline for ordering supplies is Friday, June 24, 2016.

    In early September, each student will receive a custom packed cardboard “briefcase,” containing all the school supplies requested by your teacher.

    While participation this program is not mandatory, we have found this to be a wonderful way to save time, effort and money and have one less thing to worry about in those first few days of school next September!

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    Saturday, June 11 - Q300 Welcome Breakfast

    Q300 is hosting a new family welcome breakfast on Saturday June 11 from 10am – 12pm, open to new and existing Elementary and Middle School families. Existing Q300 families remember how exciting and nerve racking it is to send your child off to a new school. We go through so many emotions through the whole process. In order to break the ice and welcome new families to our school community, the Q300 PTA is organizing a Welcome Breakfast on Saturday June 11 from 10am – 12pm.

    Date / Time

    Saturday, June 11 from 10:00AM until 12:00PM


    Elementary School Campus Gymnasium
    28-37 29th Street, Astoria, NY 11102

    We expect that Bill, Matt, and Dave would say a few words. After that we may share some PTA updates, but mostly the new parents will mingle with our PTA families and other incoming families.

    Please use this link to register to help out at the event.

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    School Pictures - Last Chance for Free Shipping!


    For families who signed up for retakes, your proofs are available online! For families who haven't ordered their pictures (or who want to order more), you're in luck! You can take advantage of the free shipping to the school. Free Shipping orders have to be in by May 23! Get your orders in!

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    Welcome to New Principal Bill Biniaris

    The Q300 parent community had the pleasure of meeting Bill at our May 2016 PTA meeting, where Bill shared with us his thoughts on the progressive model of education and his strategic vision for the school. He took the time to thoughtfully answer parent questions both in the meeting forum and also afterwards on an individual basis. Bill brings with him a wealth of experience, with more than 18 years as an educator in the NYC public school system. Bill was a Gifted & Talented math teacher at the Middle School level and most recently, an Assistant Principal at an elementary school. Throughout his career he has demonstrated a collaborative approach with parents and administrators and he looks forward to continuing that tradition at Q300. Bill is replacing Matt Willard who has decided to dedicate his time to caring for his new son. Matt and Bill have already begun the transition, and will be working closely with the community to make it as smooth as possible.

    Bill is joining a thriving and growing school community – we will have over 300 students enrolled next year in just the third year of our inquiry-based program. The outstanding staff and teachers, with support of the parent community, have demonstrated tremendous early success in both academics and the social and emotional development of Q300 students. This is the result of the school’s commitment to creating an environment where students feel included, have opportunities to question and reflect, and work with their peers to solve problems. Bill is excited to join Q300 and work with teachers and parents to nurture and enrich the school’s community and structures, and continue fostering the culture of inclusion, inquiry and responsibility. The parents and teachers of Q300 are looking forward to having Bill as part of our school community.

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    The Dance Party may be over but the Q300 Online Auction is Going on Now!

    Q300AuctionStampThe Stepping Into Summer Dance Party may be over, but the Q300 Online Auction is going on now! As part of our ongoing auction fundraiser, we are hosting our online auction from May 10th through May 31. Bidding on all items is open until May 31st, 2016. We've got a bunch of great prizes lined up and waiting for your bid. Not only are the prizes awesome, the proceeds go to a great cause - to support PTA Funded Programs at Q300! Share the link below with friends and family as they can bid for items as well! The Online Auction will be open for just over two weeks - start bidding now!

    There are a number of summer camp give always as well as great experiences. The Online Auction and Event are open to the public. Some Highlights from the Catalog are:

    • State College 7 Bedroom Farmhouse Rental (3 day weekend)
    • Private Seaplane Sightseeing Flight Over NYC!
    • Serious Fun After School Voucher for the 2016-2017 Academic Year
    • 2 Grandstand Tickets to the 2016 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
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    U.N. Ambassador Visits Q300

    Some middle school students in Long Island City's Q300 got a special visit this week from a United Nations ambassador. U.S. Ambassador Michele Sison visited seventh graders at Q-300 Thursday as a part of the UN's Junior Ambassadors Program.

    She spoke about how she got started in public service.

    The students got to ask questions about the UN's goals among other topics.

    "Even at this age, of 11,12, 13 years-old, looking at what's going on in that broader international sphere. It's never too early." said Ambassador Sison

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