Friday, January 29th – Q300 PTA Meeting and Pajama Movie Night

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The Movie:

Q300 Movie Night - MInions
Minions: The Minions, breakout stars from “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2” are presented in an origin story that showcases their unpredictable personality and physicality, and pairs them with equally memorable human characters. As it turns out, Minions have existed since the beginning of time. They have evolved from single (yellow) cell organisms into the familiar beings we know, and they live for a collective purpose: to seek out and serve the most despicable master they can find. Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock leads the voice cast of the human characters as Scarlett Overkill, the world’s reigning super-villain of the 1960s.

The Date / Time:

Friday, January 29th, 2016 at 6:00pm

Click Here to RVSP by Wednesday, Jan 27th (if possible). Your RSVP helps us plan how much pizza and snacks to order.


Elementary School Campus
28-37 29th Street, Astoria, NY 11102

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Invitation to be a Star in the Q300 PTA Newsletter!

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Dear Q300 Families,

The Q300 PTA would like to invite Parents and Students to be a Star in our upcoming Newsletter. All you have to do is share something amazing you did over the Holiday break. Snap a photo and write a brief note about where you are or what you’re doing and e-mail to your class rep or sending to the Q300PTA.

Submissions should include

  1. Your holiday photograph
  2. A ten word (or less) title for your submission (such as “Visiting the Tree at Rockefeller Center”)
  3. A sentence or two describing where you are and what you’re doing there.
  4. Students first and last name along with his/her grade and class

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, January 7th, 2016.

Clean out your closets for Q300 (simple, easy, and quick)

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Dear Q300 families,

I hope everyone is having a lovely break! I am sharing with you a simple, efficient way to clean out your closets, while simultaneously supporting the school. It is easy and involves no monetary cost to you, but can help us earn money for the school.

At this past Summer Picnic, the Q300 PTA handed out bags from ThredUp, an online consignment store. The thredUP for Schools program has two simple ways of supporting schools: 1) through donating/selling good conditioned clothes on their website and 2) through purchasing consigned items from their website. If you were not at the picnic, have no fear – details on the thredUP program and instructions on how you can participate can be found here.

This is one of many ways you can participate and contribute to the overall PTA fundraising goals. Of course, it goes without saying that all forms of participation and contributions are welcome, encouraged, and greatly appreciated!

2nd Annual Direct Appeal Underway

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Q300 Direct Appeal 2015 to 2016
This year our student body has doubled in size! A big welcome to all the new Q300 families. We look forward to an even more successful Direct Appeal fundraising campaign as a result of our exciting growth. One of our biggest goals is to have certified teaching assistants in the Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms for the full school year. We’re currently at 20% of our fundraising goals for the 2015-2016 year.

Every family makes a difference

In order to thrive, it’s important for all Q300 families to contribute to the Direct Appeal. Full participation is important. Regardless of the size of your contribution it helps Q300 when every family contributes to this specific fundraising effort. Use our online donation page here and choose your giving level. Please share this message and the link to the donation page with your families and loved ones.

Funds raised in the Direct Appeal are the main source that pays for certified teaching assistants, engaging enrichment programs, special events, equipment and other critical items that will enrich your child’s learning experience at Q300. If there’s not enough money to pay for these specific programs, they will not happen…

– 4 certified teaching assistants for K and 1st Grade
– Theater and dance for all grades
– Early Learners music program
– Architecture program for 2nd grade
– Laptops, storage and charging stations for the middle-school
– Digital music production for the middle-school
– Funding of teachers’ wish lists

Direct Appeal Documents
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Q300 Middle School Reflections

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Seventh Grade Rock Music Video Production

Rock Band GuitarIn December, the Q300 seventh graders presented their very own music video titled “Rock Hard Abs”. Under Sarah Kervin’s Musical instruction from the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, students learned Garage Band digital composing, mp3 sampling and visual choreography for their video over the 10-week enrichment class. This Q300 PTA Funded program was a great start to learning music production.

Edgar Allan Poe Trip Makes Big Connection to Classic Short Stories

The name Edgar Allan Poe brings to mind literary tales of mystery, macabre and haunting lyrical poetry. He is one of America’s earliest practitioners of the short story and is generally considered by many to be the inventor of the detective fiction genre. On Nov. 30th, Ms. Annette took her seventh grade Literature class up to the Bronx to visit the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage. “This Classic Short Stories” unit has the upperclassman studying Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Black Cat”, “Annabelle Lee,” “The Bells,” and his last published short story, “Landor’s Cottage.” What makes the fieldtrip so interesting is that Poe wrote some of his greatest literary classics while living in this cottage during the late 1800’s. Big thanks go out to Ms. Annette for helping the students develop a deeper connection to the author’s personal perspective and unique themes by visiting his home.

Sixth Graders Present “Hoodie” Drama and Art Celebration

Lindsey Price - HoodieThe sixth graders put together an end-term celebration of their first Art block on December 4. Class 601 completed their Drama cycle under Ms. Kathleen with a presentation of “Hoodie”, a vignette-style play about the difficulties middle schoolers face in trying to determine whether to go with the group or be their own person. Then parents watched a film showcasing the art done by Class 602 with Ms. Anna, which included works connected to parts of well-known logos along with quotations and comments from the students themselves. It was a wonderful afternoon of art for all of our aspiring students and their families.

Physical Education News

Middle school students have completed a unit in soccer and basketball. Presently students are participating in a volleyball unit. The gym is set with one large volleyball net that creates two courts. Each class is divided into four teams so that two games can go simultaneously. Every day, students get time to practice serving, setting and bumping before the game.