About The 30th Avenue School (Q300)

School Location
Grades K-3: co-located at the P.S. 17Q campus in Astoria (District 30)
Grades 6-8: co-located five blocks away at the I.S.126 campus in Long Island City (District 30)
Year founded
Grades K through 8
Students Enrolled
375 students in grades K-3 and 6-8 will be enrolled in 2016-17
The 30th Avenue School will reach full K-8 capacity in 2018
Number of sections per grade
Two sections for grades K-3 and 7
Three sections for 6th grade (2016-2017 only)
One section for 8th grade.
Kindergarten Class Size
Number of teachers in class (K-5)
One teacher, plus full-time Teaching Assistant (TA) in each K – 2nd grade class
One teacher, plus a shared Teaching Assistant across both Grade 3 classes
Facility attributes
In the PS 17Q campus, grades K-3 have a computer room; an explorations room with open-ended materials such as blocks and Legos; and interior yard with playground equipment and exterior yard.
In the I.S. 126 campus, grades 6-8 have a science lab and a computer lab.
Tenure of Principal
Commenced 2016-2017 school year
Minimum Score for Candidate Pool
At least 97th percentile pursuant to Department of Education guidelines

The 30th Avenue School Offerings

Curriculum – Type of math
Grades K – 5: TERC Investigations and Contexts for Learning; 6-8: Connected Mathematics Project 3
Curriculum – Language offered
Curriculum – Homework
Reading is required for all grades. Homework is generally optional in grades K-2.
Enrichments – What is offered and when
Grades K-8: Technology/Programming, Art, Music, Spanish, Gym, Field Trips
Grades 2-3: Architecture and other enrichments
Grades 6-8: Robotics; Engineering; Dance; Small Group Advisory; 10-week enrichment clusters include: Model UN, Robotics, Knitting, Math League, Photography, Harry Potter, and Fitness Club. Partnerships include Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Global Language Project, Center for Architecture, All Star Studios, and artists-in-residence
Grades K-3: Serious Fun NYC provides fee-based classes including guitar, keyboard, violin, 3D printing, cartooning, puppet theater, sculpture, soccer, dance, basketball, and martial arts. NY Chess Kids (fee based) has classes once a week.
Grades 6-8: Global Kids provides free programming involving leadership development, international affairs, and STEM programming.
Public school buses for eligible Queens students; Metrocards for eligible students; in 2015-16, fee-based private school buses operate in areas of Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.
Main Items PTA Fund Raises for
Teaching Assistants (K-3);
Music enrichment (K-3; 6-8);
Architecture (2);
Robotics Kits (6-8);
Dance/Theater (6-8);
Model UN;
teacher wish lists;
need-based financial aid (subject to availability)
Family involvement
In-school volunteering, short-term enrichment, fundraisers, DonorsChoose, PTA meetings and events (e.g. movie nights, pizza parties, wine tastings for parents, etc.).
Biggest changes in 2016-2017
Bill Biniaris joined Q300 as IA Principal.