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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee encourages parent and staff participation, outreach, and recruitment.
Contacts: Maria Carrasco and Maria Hantzopoulos

Auction (Under Membership)

Contact: Maria Hantzopoulos and Joanna Holzman

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee plans and executes all fundraising activities including donation solicitations, fundraisers, and grant writing to further the mission of the Association. Learn more about Volunteering here!
Contacts: Claire Liu and Amina Kulshmanova

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee facilitates and implements communications among the Association and the parents and staff.
Contacts: Amy Ho and Matt Schaeferg

Community Affairs

The Community Affairs Committee oversees the PTA’s efforts to reach out to the greater Q300 community and to participate in and report on community based meetings and forums, and committees and councils of the Department of Education.
Contacts: Lynn Kennedy and Gina Reis

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee develops and proposes the PTA budget and prepares a written review of the prior year’s budget.
Contacts: Paula Marisi

Audit Committee (under Treasury)

The Audit Committee conduct an audit of all financial affairs of the Association, with the assistance of the Treasurer who shall make all books and records of the Association available to the committee.
Contact: Jasmin Rosner

Bus Advocacy

Contact: Noah Fessenden <>, Meghan Cirrito <>)

One School (under Community Affairs)

Contact: (Marlon Aranda <>, Lynn Kennedy <>

Library Committee (under Membership)

Contact:  Meghan Cirrito <

Grant Writing

Contacts: Lynn Kennedy


Contacts:  Maura McDermott and Margarita Soto

Nominations Committee

Contact: Luke Lukose

2E Group

Contact: Ellie Rabinovich