Q300 Chess Team

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Q300 Chess is in its third year of parent organization, and is a fun interactive culture-first group with a positive, energetic and transparently competitive edge at ‘Away’ Tournament

Chess teaches many things. Chief among them in young students is ownership and the adventure of growth. Ownership of 1) decision-making process, 2) decisions, 3) outcomes of those decisions, 4) analysis of those outcomes, 5) learning, 6) application of those lessons . This is the blueprint of the never-ending adventure of growth that presents itself across countless areas of development – academically, socially, emotionally, athletically, creatively – and is experienced in the process: chess game #1 → post-game coaching/analysis → chess game #2.

Participation Types

  1. Q300 Chess Club
    Plays chess in after-school NYCK program or other, interested in attending Home Tournaments and non-tournament chess events.
  2. Q300 Chess Team
    Interested in playing scheduled ‘Away’ Tournaments

For more information please visit the team site at


or  email one of the parent leaders/organizers:

Mark Schroffner (Wailea Schroffner, 3rd) – markschroffner@yahoo.com
Luke Lukose (Joyce Lukose, 6th) – llukose@yahoo.com
Carol Varikos (Zoe Marketan, 3rd) – calliope0728@gmail.com

Sergey Shchukin (Galina Shchukin, 2nd.)- sergey.shchukin@gmail.com