Yellow Bus FAQ

Below are FAQs for the Public Yellow Bus provided by the Department of Education. The answers are provided by the Q300 PTA community. Please let us know if you encounter any discrepancies, and we can update.

Who coordinates the yellow school bus routes?
The Yellow Bus is coordinated by Q300 and OPT. The Q300 PTA DOES NOT coordinate bus routes, stops, or determination of eligibility. Please reach out to Q300’s Parent Coordinator for specific information about your child: Bonita Onunka at

What is the website to access yellow bus service information?
You can find student specific information on the OPT website by entering your child’s OSIS. Bus routes won’t be available till the end of August, after Q300 has provided the list of qualifying families to OPT:

School Bus information

Lower School

Upper School

How do I contact OPT?
OPT Customer Service Agents are available Monday-Friday from 5:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. at (718) 392-8855

Who qualifies for yellow school bus service? (based on # miles, age, etc.)?
Q300 Administration provides a list of families that qualify for Yellow Bus based on eligibility on the POT website here:

When will we know if we qualify for the yellow bus and pick-up/drop-off time?
At the end of August, after the school administrator has provided student information to OPT. OPT will update the site- so keep checking. Please keep in mind that the routes are very likely to change the first few weeks of school- both the stop location AND the pickup/drop off times.

If I want to opt for Metrocard where can apply to get one?
Please reach out to the school to coordinate. They can work with families to identify if you qualify for a Metrocard. Metrocards are distributed by the school.

If we qualify for yellow school bus service, can we opt to use public transportation instead and get free Metrocards?
You will need to reach out to the school to coordinate.

If we want only yellow school bus pick-up in the morning but not afternoon drop-off, are we able to do that? Will we qualify for one-way Metrocard for the afternoon?
Yes, you can opt for pick up only. Some Q300 Families stay at Serious Fun- the private after school care. Families will need to specify this on their child’s dismissal form.

If the yellow school bus ride is over 90 minutes, are we able to contact the OPT to create a new shorter route?
Yes, but the school will need to coordinate this.

What are the general pick-up and drop-off times for yellow school bus for the different routes? How long is the yellow school bus ride generally for the different routes?
For the 2015-2016 route, the first pick up was at xx:xx, and the last pick up was at 7:40 for an 8:15 arrival. Drop offs were between xx:xx and xx:xx.

If yellow bus service is not offered to us, how do we get the Metrocards to use on public transportation?
The School will coordinate the distribution of metrocards.

Is there yellow bus service on the first few days of school?
Yellow bus may be available on the first day of school, if requested by the Principal. Yellow Bus usually is in full operation by the second day of school.

Is there yellow bus service on half-days?
Yes- there is Yellow Bus Service on half days. OPT will not issue a new schedule, so we lean on the parent chat group to get more precise timing on when to be at the bus stop.

Is the yellow bus service for the different routes only for Q300, or is it shared with other schools with the yellow bus doing drop-offs at other schools?
The bus routes are only for Q300 students. The buses aren’t shared with other schools.

What are other resources available?
Whatsapp for Q300 Bus Route Members: Administered by Colin Petch.
Q300 Yellow Bus Google Group:!forum/q300-doebus